THE FLU VACCINE is available for 18 years and older at a cost of $15.00 (not  $25.00).

Residents can contact the Health Department and leave a message at 201-599-6299 or my number 201-599-6289.


Physicians - Ask your physician if she/he will take your used syringes once they are properly placed in a container.

Local Health Departments - Ask the Health Officer of your local health department if there are any syringe disposal facilities in your area.(see for a directory of local and county NJ health departments and contact information.)

Household Waste - Follow these steps to safely dispose of your syringes in your municipal trash.  Your syringes must be placed in rigid containers that will protect people from needle sticks and use containers that are unlikely to break open on its way to the landfill.

1.  Rigid Container You may use empty laundry detergent bottles or 2-liter soda "pop" bottles or other rigid containers with screw-on caps to dispose of needles and syringes.  Check with a pharmacy.  Ask if it sells commercial containers specially designed to hold sharps for disposal in your household trash.

2.  Label/Warning Place a large label with a warning on the empty container.  Example: SYRINGES - DO NOT RECYCLE

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