Commuting from River Edge to Manhattan

The Ultimate Guide to Commuting from New River Edge to Manhattan

So you’re curious about commuting from River Edge to Manhattan? Well, we have the answers!

There are four main ways that will get your commute started: train, bus (including express), car or ferry. But before we show what they offer and how much it costs for each method; let’s first talk logistics — when would work best as well as other factors such price of gas prices which can affect travel time significantly nowadays.

We’ll show how each one offers its own perks as well as drawbacks so that by end of this guide it should be clear which option is best for what kind commute!

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Table of Contents

NJ Transit Train to Manhattan

River Edge Train Stations |

The first method we’re going to talk about is the train. We have two train stations here in River Edge with New Jersey Transit. The River Edge Station is on the border of River Edge and New Milford on River Edge Road. We also have New Bridge Landing, which is on the border of River Edge and Hackensack on Main Street.  

It’s very convenient that we have two stations on either side of town, which makes it convenient for really wherever you live. You shouldn’t be too far from the stations living anywhere in town. Both stations run on the Pascack Valley Line, which will take you to either Secaucus or Hoboken. Depending on where exactly you’re going in the city, it will decide where you actually transfer. 

Taking the Train to Secaucus

River Edge Station |

So if you were to be going into Secaucus, it would be about a 20 to 25 minute ride from River Edge to that station.  There you can connect to Penn Station. The connection from Secaucus to Penn Station takes 12-15 minutes.  There are a few different lines that will take you into Penn Station so you will want to look into that ahead of time. Penn Station is right in the middle of Manhattan underneath Madison Square Garden at 31st and 32nd St  between Seventh and Eighth Avenues. So if you’re working in that section of the city, it’s a great opportunity to be able to commute in about 50 to 60 minutes, right into Midtown Manhattan. 

New Bridge Landing Train Station |

Taking the Train to Hoboken

The other option you can take from River Edge Station or from Newbridge Landing is going all the way into Hoboken.  When you get to Hoboken, you have the option of taking the Path trains. These will take you to a few different points into Manhattan. The Path trains will take you to 33rd St and the World Trade Center.  You can download the Path train app to keep up with schedules.

 If you’re taking the train into Penn Station, the cost  is $7.50 each way, and the cost to get all the way into World Trade Center would be $9.25. Check those rates at to make sure that those rates are still accurate.

 If you are commuting from River Edge to Manhattan daily then you should look into discounts that are available to reduce your costs. It is very convenient taking the train, depending on where you’re going, you can take that train to Midtown Manhattan or all the way down Southern Manhattan. And then you’d be able to connect from there to wherever you’re commuting. So it’s a very popular method for River Edge residents to be able to commute into Manhattan. 

Commuter Lots

Now, if you don’t live exactly right near the train station, there are commuter lots. At both facilities, there are commuter lots for River Edge residents. You need to be a River Edge resident and prove that residency. The cost is $220 per year to get that permit, There is parking onsite at River Edge station and at New Bridge Landing. You can download that application at:

Bus Service

The second method you can take to get into New York City is the bus, and there are two options for taking the bus into Manhattan. There is a bonus option we also discuss.  The first one we’ll talk about is New Jersey Transit. 

NJ Transit Bus

The  New Jersey Transit line is the 165 bus and it runs from Westwood into Port Authority in Manhattan. For a more direct route take the 165R bus, which will get you to Manhattan quicker.  It’ll run right along Kinderkamack Road. There are stops all along Kinderkamack, starting at Midland and going all the way down to Grant Avenue. 

River Edge Bus Stop Map |

Bus Stops

So there are plenty of stops to check out depending on where you live. There’s certainly a convenient stop for you to take into Manhattan. The cost for the bus is $6 each way and it will take you into Port Authority  at Time Square in New York City.  And from there, you will be able to take other public transportation to where your job actually is.

River Edge Bus Stop

Coach USA or Rockland Bus

The second option you have is Coach USA or Rockland bus, and that again will also run along Kinderkamack Road. There are only two scheduled stops, one at Midland and one at Main Street. Opposite sides of town, so you’d have to get to those stops. They do run much less frequently than the New Jersey transit so you’re going to want to check out their website, to get that schedule. The cost of the Rockland Bus each way is about $6.80 and that again will take you into Port Authority. Scheduled time is about 50 to 60 minutes. 

There are about 10 covered bus stops here along Kinderkamack. At these stops there’s a bench and a nice covered area so if there is weather, this is a nice spot for you to stop and wait for the bus.

Jitney Bus to GW Bridge

The bonus bus option  that is often overlooked is the jitney.  This smaller bus/van will take you across the George Washington Bridge to the GW terminal.  From there you can take a subway to your final destination in Manhattan and  beyond.  This is an economical option as the cost (as of June ’24) is $4 per trip.  You can catch the jitney bus at any bus stop along Route 4.

Commuting From River Edge to Manhattan by Car

The third method of getting into Manhattan is taking your car. There are three main ways of getting across into Manhattan and we’ll discuss all three.

George Washington Bridge

George Washington Bridge 

The first method would be going over the George Washington Bridge. It’s about 10 miles from River Edge to the George Washington Bridge and it connects Fort Lee and 178th Street in Harlem. Depending on where you’re working like Northern Manhattan, this might be a good way for you to get into New York City. 


The tolls are going to be the same for all of our methods, but they vary on the time that you go in and whether you’re using EZpass or cash. If you’re going in at peak times, it’s $13.75. If you’re going off peak, it’s $11.75, and if you’re paying by cash, it’s $16 so that’s toll is only one way. You pay that going into Manhattan. Again, check the Port Authority website to make sure that those numbers are accurate. 

Lincoln Tunnel |

Lincoln Tunnel

The second option you have is taking the Lincoln Tunnel. The Lincoln tunnel would be more if you’re working in Midtown Manhattan. It’s about 18 miles from River Edge and it will connect Weehawken and 39th street. The tolls, as I said before for the George Washington are the same. If you’re working more Midtown, the Lincoln Tunnel might be a good option for you.

View of Manhattan |

Holland Tunnel

The third option, if you’re working in very lower Manhattan is taking the Holland Tunnel. The Holland Tunnel connects Jersey City and  Soho at Spring Street. The tolls again are the same and it’s about 20 miles from River Edge. So those are the three options that you have.

We have those three crossings, one bridge and two tunnels. It really will depend on the traffic, the time of day that you’re going and where your actual work or where your destination is going into Manhattan. So you’ll want to research those three and figure out which one will work best for you and your commute. All the tolls will be the same, obviously it’s best if you’re using EZpass. The costs for you on a daily basis will be much lower by using EZpass.

NY Waterways Map - Commuting from River Edge NJ |

Commuting by Ferry

And the fourth, and probably the least used method of getting into Manhattan on a daily basis is taking the ferry. The ferry is run by New York Waterways, and they have a handful of ports on the Jersey side. They are in Edgewater, Weehawken, Hoboken and Jersey City. They will take you via ferry into different ports in Manhattan. The reason that this might not be as beneficial for River Edge residents is the cost and the travel time to get to there. The ferry is $13 each way and you will also need to pay for parking which is onsite.

It could be a nice way of getting across into Manhattan. Nice for a nice day, but not typically used very often by River Edge residents getting into Manhattan. I think it would be more used for people that are living in Hoboken and Weehawken where they don’t have to drive to it and they don’t have to park, and then it’s an easier trip right across the river.

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