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This is River Edge Photo Gallery

Welcome to River Edge, NJ in pictures!  We have a collection of images of our parks, schools, amenities, events, and our history.  We hope you can learn a little more about our town and what we have to offer.

Around Town

Dive into the heart of River Edge with our engaging photo gallery that truly captures the town’s lively and welcoming vibe. You’ll find everything from bustling local businesses and cozy cafes to peaceful residential streets lined with charming homes. These photos showcase the essence of daily life here, including community events, local landmarks, and the friendly faces that make River Edge special. It’s a visual celebration of the town’s perfect mix of modern energy and traditional charm, inviting you to explore and experience what it’s really like to live and thrive in River Edge.

Parks and Schools

This gallery section shines a spotlight on River Edge’s commitment to quality of life and education. Viewers are treated to a picturesque tour of the town’s lush parks, playgrounds, and open spaces, perfect for family outings, sports, and relaxation. The images also highlight the schools, from elementary to high school, showcasing the facilities and environments that nurture young minds. These photographs not only display the physical spaces but also capture the essence of community involvement and educational excellence that are the pride of River Edge.


 Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of River Edge’s past with this detailed photographic journey. The images in this section trace the town’s evolution from its early days to the present, featuring historic buildings, landmarks, and documents that tell the story of its growth and development. Viewers will see how architecture, streetscapes, and community life have transformed over the years, offering a glimpse into the lives of those who laid the foundations of the modern town. This gallery is a tribute to River Edge’s heritage, preserving the memory of its historical significance for future generations.

Reasons to Love River Edge

This section is a vibrant collage that encapsulates the myriad reasons why River Edge is a beloved community. Through a series of evocative images, it highlights the town’s natural beauty, from serene riverside views to colorful gardens and parks. The gallery also celebrates the town’s cultural and social vibrancy, featuring local festivals, community gatherings, and artistic events that bring people together. It underscores the strong sense of community, the pride of the residents, and the small-town charm that makes River Edge a treasured place to live and visit. Each image in this collection is a testament to the town’s allure and the affection it inspires in those who experience its charm.

Roosevelt Elementary School River Edge NJ
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