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Welcome to St Peter the Apostle Church! St Peters is a Roman Catholic parish located in River Edge, NJ. The parish offers daily masses, faith formation for children and adults, music ministry and other programs for all ages. They are committed to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and providing opportunities for spiritual growth and enrichment. If you are looking for a church home, they invite you to come and join the parish!

Faith Formation for Children

Faith formation for children is an important part of growing up in any religious tradition. This process involves teaching young people about the core tenets, practices, and beliefs of their religion, helping them to develop a deep understanding of their faith that they can carry with them throughout their lives. Effective faith formation programs often involve a combination of formal instruction and informal learning, providing children with both structured study opportunities as well as more informal experiences like service projects or volunteer work. Because faith formation provides such an important foundation for a child's spiritual development, caring adults should make it a priority to support and guide children on their journey of faith. When done well, this process can make a lasting impact not just on individual children but also on the wider community of believers and seekers.

Faith Formation for Adults

Many adults find that their faith is challenged as they move through life. They may question what they believe in and why they believe it. Faith formation for adults can help to address these questions and provide a forum for exploring one's beliefs. Through adult faith formation, adults can learn about the history and tradition of their faith, as well as its relevance to their lives today. In addition, faith formation can provide opportunities for prayer and reflection, helping adults to connect with their spirituality. For many, faith formation is an essential part of maintaining a strong faith during adulthood. It can help to provide meaning and purpose during times of transition and challenge. It can also offer a community of support and encouragement, which is essential for weathering life's storms. For anyone seeking to deepen their faith, adult faith formation can be an invaluable resource.

Youth Ministry

The mission of Saint Peter the Apostle Youth Ministry is to empower teenagers to live their lives as Disciples of Christ. We believe that every teenager has the potential to grow spiritually and develop into a strong Catholic adult. To that end, we create a safe and supportive environment where teenagers can feel comfortable exploring their faith. We offer a variety of programs and activities designed to help teenagers grow in their relationship with God and develop as disciples. We also provide support and guidance for parents, helping them to navigate their children’s faith journey. Ultimately, our goal is to help every teenager reach their full potential as a Disciple of Christ.


St Peter's offers many opportunities for parishioners to get involved in ministries. These include baptismal ministry, cornerstone retreats, engaging spirituality, faith formation, parish library, altar servers, Eucharistic ministers, and lectors.

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