Bergen County Historical Society

Are you a history buff with a passion for exploring the past? Look no further than the Bergen County Historical Society (BCHS), New Jersey's largest historical society, dedicated to preserving and interpreting the rich history of Bergen County.

Founded in 1902, this volunteer-driven, membership-based non-profit organization boasts an extensive collection of artifacts and documents that reflect the county's storied past. Headquartered at the historic New Bridge Landing, BCHS is responsible for preserving and interpreting this significant site, which includes the Steuben House – a Revolutionary War battleground.

As a visitor or member of BCHS, you'll have access to a variety of events, tours, exhibits, and educational programs throughout the year. Whether you're interested in reenactments of pivotal moments in American history or simply want to explore their research library and archives for your own personal projects, there's something for everyone at this vibrant organization.

With a strong commitment to sharing Bergen County's history and fostering community engagement, BCHS relies on donations, grants, and partnerships with local organizations and businesses to support its operations. So why not immerse yourself in local history while also contributing to its preservation?

Historic New Bridge Landing

You'll love exploring Historic New Bridge Landing, where history comes to life and fascinating tales from the past await you!

This scenic fragment of the Jersey Dutch countryside is maintained by the Bergen County Historical Society and offers a glimpse into a vanished folk culture. 

In 1745, a new bridge was constructed across the Hackensack River, which remained the nearest span to Newark Bay for 50 years. As you wander through this historical site, you'll appreciate New Jersey's pivotal role in American history, especially during the Revolutionary War.

The Bergen County Historical Society has been tirelessly working on preserving this unique location since 1938.

At Historic New Bridge Landing, you can marvel at Jersey Dutch sandstone architecture that conveys glimpses of past life. Notably, Zabriskie-Steuben House is an important stop on your visit – it's not only the only extant house along Washington's Retreat route of November 1776 but also served as General Washington's headquarters in September 1780 during Steenrapie encampment. Furthermore, don't miss out on visiting New Bridge – it is listed on both New Jersey and National Registers of Historic Places as being the oldest highway swing bridge in New Jersey!

So come immerse yourself in Bergen County history with a visit to this amazing revolutionary war historical site!

Events and Reenactments

Get ready for a thrilling journey through time with various events and reenactments hosted by the BCHS! These immersive experiences bring history to life, transporting you back to crucial moments in the American Revolution.

Some annual events include the Pinkster celebration in May, featuring a traditional Maypole dance for children, and Vintage Baseball in July where you can witness historic teams playing spirited games.

Additionally, prepare for grand historical commemorations like the 250th Anniversary of 'The Times That Try Men's Souls' with weekends of living history and scholarly presentations.

Be sure not to miss these unforgettable experiences that showcase our nation's rich history brought back to life by dedicated reenactors and historians at Historic New Bridge Landing!

Membership and Volunteering

Become a part of something truly special by joining the BCHS as a member or volunteer, and help us preserve and share our incredible past for generations to come!

Membership is open to anyone interested in history, and as a member, you'll enjoy free or reduced pricing at fundraisers and events. Your financial contributions through membership fees and donations will directly support the society's mission of preserving Bergen County's rich historical heritage.

In addition to monetary support, members can attend monthly meetings where they can stay informed on current projects, upcoming events, and other important information about the organization.

Volunteering with the Bergen County Historical Society is another fantastic way to get involved in preserving local history. As a volunteer, you'll have opportunities to assist with tours, exhibits, educational programs, special events like reenactments and holiday boutiques, research projects in the library archives, or even help maintain their beautiful historic site.

Whether you're passionate about history education or simply enjoy working with your hands outdoors on preservation projects – there's something for everyone at BCHS! Sign up today to join this dedicated community of individuals committed to safeguarding Bergen County's fascinating past for future generations.

Preservation and Education

Immerse yourself in the captivating stories of our past as you explore the crucial role preservation and education play in keeping history alive for generations to come.

At Historic New Bridge Landing, the Bergen County Historical Society (BCHS) is dedicated to preserving and interpreting this important Revolutionary War battleground site through tours, exhibits, and educational programs. BCHS's efforts ensure that visitors can appreciate New Jersey's pivotal role in American history while experiencing a scenic fragment of the Jersey Dutch countryside with its sandstone architecture conveying a sense of life from a bygone era.

As stewards of Historic New Bridge Landing since 1938, BCHS has been instrumental in acquiring adjacent properties to buffer the Steuben House from modern intrusions such as an auto-parts yard. The society also provides all programming at the museum site, including events like Pinkster celebrations and reenactments of historic battles.

Through their research library and archives, BCHS preserves valuable artifacts and documents reflecting Bergen County's rich history, ensuring future generations will have access to these resources. By supporting preservation initiatives like these, you help maintain an authentic experience for visitors while fostering an understanding of our nation's past that is both engaging and enlightening.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for donating artifacts or documents to the Bergen County Historical Society's collection?

If you're interested in donating artifacts or documents to a historical society's collection, the first step is typically to contact the organization directly. You can reach out via email or phone and provide details about the items you wish to donate, including their historical significance and any relevant background information.

The organization will then review your submission and determine if it fits within their collection guidelines and needs. If they decide to accept your donation, they'll work with you on coordinating logistics for transferring the items into their care.

Keep in mind that many historical societies are non-profit organizations, so your donation may be tax-deductible depending on applicable laws and regulations.

Are there any internship or work-study opportunities available for students interested in history or museum studies at the Bergen County Historical Society?

At the Bergen County Historical Society, there may be internship or work-study opportunities for students interested in history or museum studies. These opportunities typically involve engaging with historical artifacts and documents, assisting in research projects, helping with event planning and execution, or working on educational programs.

To inquire about available positions and requirements for internships or work-study programs at the society, it's best to reach out directly to them through their website or email Don't hesitate to express your passion for history and eagerness to contribute to preserving and sharing Bergen County's rich past!

How can local businesses and organizations collaborate with the Bergen County Historical Society for events or sponsorships?

Local businesses and organizations can collaborate with the Bergen County Historical Society for events or sponsorships by reaching out to their team and proposing ideas for joint initiatives.

Consider hosting a themed event at Historic New Bridge Landing, providing financial support for BCHS's educational programs, or even partnering on a fundraising campaign.

By working together, you'll not only help preserve and promote local history but also strengthen community ties while gaining valuable exposure for your business or organization.

Does the Bergen County Historical Society offer any online resources or virtual events for those who cannot visit in person?

While the Bergen County Historical Society primarily hosts in-person events and tours at Historic New Bridge Landing, they do offer some online resources for those who cannot visit in person.

By visiting their website, you can explore various historical articles and research materials related to Bergen County's history.

Additionally, you can sign up for their email blasts to stay updated on upcoming events and news.

Although virtual events may not be a regular offering, it's worth keeping an eye on their announcements in case they introduce any new digital experiences or virtual programming.

Are there any accessibility accommodations available for visitors with disabilities at the Historic New Bridge Landing site?

At Historic New Bridge Landing, accessibility accommodations for visitors with disabilities may be limited due to the historic nature of the site and its buildings.

It's important to contact the Bergen County Historical Society in advance to inquire about specific needs and arrangements that can be made.


In conclusion, the Bergen County Historical Society offers you a unique opportunity to dive into the rich history of this region.

By attending events and joining as a member, you'll be contributing to the preservation and education efforts that make BCHS so special.

So why wait? Get involved with BCHS today, explore Historic New Bridge Landing, and discover the fascinating stories of Bergen County's past.

You'll be glad you did!

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