Hometown Heroes

Hometown Heroes

River Edge has always had residents who have gone above and beyond to serve our community.  From our police, fire, and ambulance corps to our DPW, library, and volunteer organizations River Edge has hometown heroes.  On this page we want to honor some of those heroes while telling some of their story.

If you know a hometown hero in River Edge we want to know about them.  Simply fill out the form below to nominate someone and we will look into sharing their story.  Below is a brief list of reasons someone could be seen as a hometown hero.

  • Someone who constantly serves the community in volunteer positions.
  • A neighbor who is quick to help a neighbor in need.
  • A borough employee who takes their job seriously to serve our community and goes above and beyond their job description.
  • A veteran or active service member
  • Anyone who has worked on the front lines of the COVID pandemic form hospital workers to delivery drivers to grocery store employees 

Joe Maugeri

Our first hometown hero is World War II veteran, Cherry Hill Crossing Guard, VFW leader and St Peter’s usher Joe Maugeri.  If you have lived in River Edge over the last decades you know Joe as a River Edge Treasure.  His dedication to the community, our country and his family are well known throughout the town making him our obvious first choice in this series.  

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