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7 Reasons to Live in River Edge NJ

7 Reasons to Live in River Edge NJ

You’re eyeing River Edge, NJ, aren’t you? Just 7 miles from the George Washington Bridge, this charming borough’s a gem.

Picture strolling through lush parks, rooting for local sports teams, and benefiting from top notch schools. It’s a small town life, with NYC’s buzz a short commute away.

From modest homes to luxury builds, there’s a spot for you. Plus, history buffs will love its rich past.

Here’s why you’ll want to call River Edge home.

River Edge Library

Key Takeaways

  • Close proximity to New York City, offering easy access to cultural experiences, museums, and entertainment
  • Excellent schools, both public and private, providing a high-quality education for residents
  • Rich historical significance, with a rich colonial-era history and important role in the American Revolutionary War
  • Variety of housing options, including single-family homes, apartments, and townhomes, catering to different budgets and preferences

1. High-Quality Education

You’ll find that River Edge NJ is committed to providing a high quality education for all students, with excellent public and private schools in the area.

Cherry Hill Elementary, with an enrollment of nearly 800 students, caters to youngsters from pre-kindergarten to the 6th grade. They emphasize a supportive and innovative learning environment that nurtures the individual talents of each student.

Just a short distance away, you’ll find Roosevelt Elementary. Home to over 500 students from the K to 6th grades, they’re known for their dedicated staff and comprehensive curriculum. They strive to foster a love for learning and encourage students to reach their full potential.

For older students, River Edge proudly houses River Dell Middle School and River Dell High School in conjunction with Oradell. These schools offer a rigorous academic program to prepare students for college and beyond. They also provide a wide array of extracurricular activities to enrich students’ experiences.

In addition to the public schools, River Edge also offers excellent private education options at St Peter Academy and Rosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey. These schools offer smaller class sizes and personalized attention, ensuring that every student gets the best possible education.

In River Edge, education is a top priority, and it shows.

Cherry Hill Elementary School

2. Diverse Community

In River Edge, you’ll appreciate the diverse community, where over 22% of the population identifies as Asian and more than 11% as Korean American. This multicultural blend fuels the town’s lively spirit and enriches its cultural offerings. You’ll find yourself immersed in a community that respects and celebrates its diversity, from the variety of cuisines available to the colorful cultural festivals that take place annually.

You’ll be part of a community where different cultures coexist harmoniously, contributing to a rich tapestry of traditions, languages, and experiences. You aren’t just living in a town; you’re becoming part of a vibrant, multicultural family. The community’s diversity doesn’t stop at ethnicity. River Edge is home to a range of age groups, professions, and lifestyles, providing a balanced and inclusive environment.

In River Edge, diversity isn’t just a statistic – it’s a way of life. It’s a mindset of acceptance and appreciation of differences that permeates every aspect of community life. This is a place where you can learn about cultures from around the world without leaving your neighborhood, where your children grow up with a global perspective, and where diversity is more than welcomed—it’s celebrated.

3. Safety and Community Feel

With unique neighborhoods to choose from, you’ll feel a strong sense of safety and community in River Edge, NJ, and you won’t have to compromise on either. This town’s close-knit community fosters relationships among neighbors, strengthening the sense of safety and belonging you’ll experience living here.

The local police department, vigilant and responsive, is committed to maintaining a safe environment for all residents. Crime rates are significantly lower than the national average, reassuring you that your decision to move here is a sound one.

Community engagement is a big part of River Edge’s culture. You’ll find numerous active community associations, community events, and volunteer opportunities to get involved. From the annual 4th of July parade to the farmer’s market, community spirit is always on display.

Schools in River Edge are another testament to the town’s commitment to community. Parents and teachers work hand in hand to provide a nurturing, enriching, and safe learning environment for students.

In River Edge, you’re not just buying a house, you’re becoming part of a community. And with the town’s emphasis on safety, you’ll always feel secure and at home.

First Congregational Church of River Edge River Edge NJ

4. Proximity to New York City

Living in River Edge, NJ, you’ll appreciate the convenience and flexibility of being so close to New York City, yet you still get to enjoy the tranquility of a small-town atmosphere. This proximity to the city is a major perk, whether you’re commuting for work or just fancy a trip to the Big Apple.

Two train stations, River Edge Station and New Bridge Landing, provide easy access to New York City. The commute on the Pascack Valley Line takes roughly 50 to 60 minutes to reach Midtown Manhattan.

If you prefer to drive, three main routes are available: the George Washington Bridge, the Lincoln Tunnel, or the Holland Tunnel. Alternatively, you can catch a bus on New Jersey Transit line 165 for a more direct route to Manhattan. You also have the option of a ferry ride, though it might be less cost-effective and time-efficient.

Whatever your preference, your commute from River Edge to NYC can be as flexible as you need it to be. It’s just another reason why living in River Edge offers the best of both worlds – small town charm with big city access.

5. Recreational Opportunities

You’ll never run out of things to do on the weekends, thanks to the wide range of recreational opportunities available right at your doorstep in River Edge. From engaging community events to invigorating outdoor activities, there’s something for everyone.

You’ll find five beautiful parks within the borough itself. Each offers unique features such as walking trails, picnic spots, playgrounds, and sports facilities. Whether you’re into basketball, softball, or just a leisurely stroll, you’re covered.

During the summer, you can enjoy the swimming facilities at River Edge Swim Club or join the lively community events such as the 4th of July parade. Winter promises equally fun times with sledding and holiday lights viewing.

If you’re a history buff, visit the historic Von Steuben House or the Soldier Statue for a taste of local history. For the art lovers, there’s the charm of local galleries and craft workshops in the area.

Don’t forget the River Edge farmer’s market for fresh, local produce and the annual cherry blossom viewing in Cherry Blossom Park.

In River Edge, recreational activities aren’t just pastimes, they’re experiences that build a community. You’re not just living here; you’re belonging.

6. Cultural and Historical Significance

In River Edge, you’ll find a wealth of historical landmarks and cultural heritage, but it’s not just about what you see, it’s how these pieces of history have shaped the community and its values.

The Swedish explorer Cornelius Matthew first settled here in 1683. Over 300 years later, the borough’s rich history is still evident.

The New Bridge Landing bridge, erected in 1889, is the oldest highway swing bridge in New Jersey. It’s a symbol of the town’s historical significance, and it’s proudly listed on the New Jersey and National Registries of Historic Places. The old bridge from the site played a pivotal role during the Revolutionary War, serving as a campsite for George Washington and his troops.

The borough was incorporated as Riverside in 1894, and its name was changed to River Edge in the 1930s. This reflects the town’s evolving identity and its deep connection to the Hackensack River.

The River Edge Library, established by the Women’s Club in 1931, and the Bergen County Historical Society Museum at the Zabriskie Steuben House, opened in 1939, both serve as cultural hubs. They preserve the town’s heritage while providing educational and community resources.

It’s the intertwining of the past and present that makes River Edge a truly special place to live.

7. Stable Home Values

Stable home values in River Edge are a major draw for potential homebuyers, and you’ll find that it’s an excellent investment opportunity. This charming town offers a blend of history, small-town charm, and modern amenities that attract a diverse range of residents. The median price of homes for sale in River Edge is around $680k, higher than the national average, indicating a strong real estate market. Even with this higher average, the range of homes available means there’s something for almost every budget.

The variety of housing options, from historic properties to contemporary family residences, townhomes, and condos, guarantees you’ll find a home that suits your needs and preferences. The River Edge real estate market also benefits from the town’s vibrant local economy, excellent schools, and robust community life, all of which add value to your investment.

Choosing to buy a home in River Edge not only means investing in a property, but also in a community with a strong sense of belonging. The close proximity to major cities, coupled with the cultural, entertainment, and dining options, make River Edge a desirable place to live. Be confident in your investment—River Edge’s home values aren’t just stable, they’re growing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Healthcare Facilities Are Available in or Near River Edge NJ?

In River Edge, you’ll find several healthcare facilities. Nearby in Hackensack, there’s the renowned Hackensack University Medical Center, Valley Hospital, and Englewood Hospital. You’ll have access to top-notch healthcare services at local doctor’s office and urgent care facilities.

How Is the Public Transportation System in River Edge NJ?

You’ll find River Edge NJ’s public transportation reliable with two train stations and multiple bus routes. It’s less than an hour commute to New York City, perfect for work or leisure trips.

What Are the Annual Community Events That Take Place in River Edge NJ?

You’ll never miss a chance to mingle in River Edge NJ. The annual 4th of July Parade, River Edge Day, and Farmers Market are community favorites. Plus, organizations like River Edge Little League and River edge Girls Athletic host their Opening Day Ceremonies yearly.

What Are the Employment Opportunities in River Edge NJ?

In River Edge NJ, you’ll find diverse employment opportunities. Many residents commute to NYC, but local businesses, shops, and restaurants also provide jobs. The economy’s varied, so there’re plenty of options to explore.

Are There Any Environmental Initiatives or Sustainability Programs in River Edge NJ?

Yes, River Edge NJ has green initiatives. You’ll find recycling programs, environmental education in schools, and community-led efforts for cleaner parks and rivers. It’s a town that truly values sustainability and environmental responsibility.

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