Homes Sold in River Edge, NJ

Curious what your neighbor’s home sold for?  Trying to figure out how much your home might sell for?  

This page highlights homes sold in River Edge, NJ so you can keep up with the market in River Edge.  All homes sold on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) will be listed here as soon as they are sold.  

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AddressSale PriceBedroomsFull BathsHalf BathsSale DateDays on MarketStyleList OffSold Office
24 Tenney$400,0003105/9/20226Col718718
214 Zabriskie$430,0002103/4/202213Ranch247406247406
164 Kinderkamack$440,0002115/25/202210Col534534
774 Kinderkamack$449,0003113/9/202252Col295863647
918 5th$449,9903112/22/202221C/C718271402
878 Elm$452,5003204/29/202257Col7020263611
154 Jefferson$490,0003105/13/202225S/L6767
161 Adams$505,0003103/16/20228S/L5321777
318 Taft$515,0003202/28/202214Ranch529529
744 Millbrook$520,0003203/7/202212C/C2220922209
163 Valley$530,0003215/11/20229S/L538538
851 Elm$539,0003126/15/202213Col28722225
231 S Beech$540,0003201/12/20225Ranch18082800
191 Bogert$540,0004201/26/202250C/C24022402
180 Howland$550,0004204/22/202213C/C902663
211 Voorhis$553,7503113/4/202230Col902570
333 Kinderkamack$555,0003305/12/2022157Ranch8842235
215 Valley$557,0003202/10/202211Ranch22209536
186 Tenney$560,0003116/1/202217C/C902438
263 Valley$561,0003206/30/202218Ranch271403271403
709 Center$585,0003206/15/202221Col25702402
179 Manchester$600,0004115/12/202213Col9022208
786 7th$600,0003212/25/20226C/C28722402
922 Poplar$600,0005302/18/202218Col63611534
292 Adams$610,0004203/7/20228C/C90534
163 Concord$611,5224302/1/202210Col636262570
777 6th$621,0003116/16/202212Col636073289
174 Jefferson$631,0003112/23/202227Col2714052402
174 Tenney$640,0004206/22/202211C/C71890
41 Richard$642,0003211/14/202217S/L5712663
324 Oak$650,0003216/15/20221S/L28722872
338 Valley$655,0003201/5/20229Ranch28402439
493 The Fenway$660,0003201/14/202221C/C18081013
827 Bogert$671,8273202/18/20225Col4800148001
870 Summit$680,0003213/15/202214Col2220922209
732 Summit$710,0004304/25/2022155Col636121808
175 Woodland$720,0004114/29/202224Col32540470203
176 Concord$753,0004123/16/202219Col3250534
888 Bogert$775,0003212/24/202228Col2220722209
916 Poplar$800,0004213/18/202214Col636112663
38 Eastbrook$800,0005321/5/202298S/L222161777
886 Park$800,0004312/10/2022188Col29912872
229 Berkeley$800,0004205/23/20227Col53690
739 Elm$805,0004136/13/202211Col90999
876 Summit$820,0003215/30/202237Col29322932
212 Voorhis$835,0005406/16/20229Col25702570
270 Berkeley$900,0004206/2/20225Col325404250801
243 Van Saun$945,0004215/20/202214Col32763276
296 Van Saun$950,0005205/2/202214Col3254042402
82 Spring Valley$989,9995305/31/20225Col28000163611
337 Howland$990,0005405/3/2022235Col2800271410
361 Valley$995,0006521/3/202254Col26632663
302 Princeton$1,100,0004223/1/202228Col636112402
861 Summit$1,175,0004315/16/20226Col53648001
216 Lozier$1,250,5556512/3/202211Col6361590
156 Madison$1,275,0005413/23/202220Col1808999
271 Woodland$1,289,0006424/9/202245Col6361163611
250 Concord$1,350,0006426/3/20228Col28470263611
195 Mohawk$1,450,0005526/22/202218Col63611271410
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