River Edge Girls Athletic League

River Edge Girls Athletic League

River Edge Girls Athletic League

The River Edge Girls Athletic League (REGAL) was founded in 1965, and we are starting our 50th Year of providing the town’s young women with diverse athletic activities.  

The program strives to provide instruction with a focus on fun while promoting good sportsmanship and teamwork in a competitive atmosphere.

We take great pride in the efforts of our athletes, the leadership of our volunteer coaches and the support of our fans.  We are an all volunteer organization that only thrives with the support of parents.

REgal is proud to offer the girls of River Edge it’s founding sport of Softball along with programs in Basketball, Running, Volleyball and our newest program, Yoga.

REgal has also expanded its offering to provide our girls with an even more competitive environment through the Travel Basketball and Travel Softball programs.

Board meetings are held each month at the meeting room in River Edge Borough Hall at 9pm.  Please plan to join us!

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